The 2023-24 All-Value Sire Team Presented By Pedigrees 360: The Future Star And The Regional Sire

Bloodstock editor Joe Nevills’ top picks among future stars and regional sires standing for $20,000 or less.

So, we’re here. Now what?

We spend so much time in anticipation with stallions. We wait for them to cover their first mares, then we wait for their first foals to arrive, then we wait for them to sell, then we wait for them to breeze, and after a few years, we wait for them to race. Finally, we wait for enough of them to race and sell that we can come up with a verdict on whether the stallion was worth waiting for in the first place.

Some of the stallions we’ll look at in this closing edition of the All-Value Sire Team are in the final stages of that process, which can be a precarious spot in this price bracket. If a stallion has made it far enough to solidify his resume and he’s still at the farm where he entered stud, the ideal scenario would see him standing for more than $20,000.

International competition and bankrolls for North American stallions are arguably at an all-time high, and patience for anything less than a star player is arguably as low on the other end of the spectrum. We’ve seen a lot of stallions that could have had perfectly fine long-term careers in Kentucky, and were covering solid-sized books of mares, get sold overseas or to a regional market. My guess is there’s more money in selling high on a middle-tier stallion with some blue sky left on his scouting report, than trying to find a buyer on a proven loser that stuck around too long.

This is all to say, the margin of error for a young stallion standing for $20,000 or less in Kentucky can be razor-thin, but there are also plenty of niches to be carved out. We’ve covered several veteran sires in the All-Value Sire Team who have spent significant portions of their careers in this price bracket and in turn became some of the most reliable options at any price level.

The sires we’ll look at today appear well on their way to joining those ranks, and perhaps even climbing out of the value sire price bracket with a few star runners.

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